Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finished(?) Posters, Comics, and...Nien Numb?

I finished working out the designs for the travel posters, and at this point working on some anal-retentive fine tuning. I found a solution for the previously mentioned crappy font, and I made a few adjustments to the color scheme. By adjustments, I mean that there's another frickin' version. Here they are:

I've also finished working on the inking for my promotional mini-comic, and I'm working to get snazzy covers made for it.

While I was working on the last page, my friend Cody made the keen observation about the resemblance of my self-caricature and a creature from the Star Wars universe. After a quick Wikipedia search and a call to an "expert" on the subject, we found that the alien in question was part of a race called the Nien Numb. It was a little disconcerting how close the resembance was, but you can check it out for yourself:

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