Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm an impatient man sometimes. There are times when the wham-bam is more my thing than a long term commitment. In short, I decided to scrap the large-scale drawing project that I hinted at in a previous post and move on to something that accommodates my short attention span. This new project started out with my coworkers and I doodling on some cut-down pieces of matboard from the Art Center's frameshop. After about doing about two or three of these, I became the extent that I made about thirty more miniature illustrations. They're fun, quick, low cost, and I see myself having an obscene amount of these in the near future.


Jessica Eves said...

i really think the tones of the paper work well with the drawings.

Anonymous said...

hey that looks like me derrick. Did you draw that when I wasn't looking? hmmm? silly man. Yeah, I know I look decently cute, lol. YOu don't mind if I post this on my bulletin so all my friends and family can see do you? of course I'll say it's yours.

-love angie

DavidLikesHammers said...

yeah man mini illustrations are a great time. I did a short series of min paintings back in the day and it was a grand time.

its kinda like working in your sketchbook but since its it's own things its more like a finished peice.

plus you can still get hella detailed in miniature but without spending such vast amounts of time inbetween. I like the birdie. and the one man soccer team. AND THEMUFFIN!