Monday, September 1, 2008

Almost Done!

So, it's a bit more than a week until the "Septimus" show on the 12th, and I'm finished with all of my smaller drawings for my "Yokai!" series. All that's left is a larger drawing that I am refusing to post until well after opening night. If you wanna see before then (and you're in Memphis), then I suggest coming to see it in person, along with some really awesome work from my MCA and Bluff City colleagues.

The group show will have its opening reception September 12th @ Midtown Galleries at 2232 Central Ave., from 6-9pm. Come down! Bring friends!


The Kasa-Obake belongs to a group of yokai (supernatural beings) known as "tsukumogami". These creatures are derived from objects that become animate after their one-hundredth anniversary. They are well known in contemporary culture and have appeared in numerous pop-culture media, including television, manga, and video games.


The Wani is interesting as it is subject to different iterations throughout Japanese mythology. In fact, some argue that the Wani is in fact a creature that originated in Chinese mythology. This seems to be a matter of speculation as there are a substantial number of stories from Japan revolving around this sea monster, depicted as a shark and more often (and here) as a large crocodile.