Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting Up to Speed...

This blogging thing is becoming quite the hassle with the location change and all! But like in the real world, moving to a new space can be rough at first, but in the end it's (hopefully) for the best.
I guess I should start showing some images at this point to emphasize that I am still alive, well, and more importantly, working. The first two sketches are for my computer graphics class. Art deco-style travel posters are the name of the game here, and I've got nothing but San Diego on my mind, well at least the awesome public transit there...

The next sketches are part of a project that will involve large scale drawing based on sketchbook entries. This will be a daunting task because:
a) I love working in sketchbooks... more so than finished work sometimes.
b) And I realize sketchbooks are small. Sometimes REALLY small.

This kind of project is gonna require a lot of "raw material" to fill out the sheets of paper that I'm using (30" by 44"). Here are few doodles:

More to come soon.

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