Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Gouache 7/20-7/29

I started to geek out on dinosaur skulls for a bit. My humble career as an artist started in the second grade, where many thunder lizard drawings were made in the margins of my workbooks.

The bottom image is another music-inspired piece, the strange love child of a Florence and the Machine song and a few other songs that were on my iPod shuffle playlist. These drawings are a lot of fun and usually involve a lot of of experimentation with media and process.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Daily Gouache 7/10-7/19

Another slew of paintings and sketches. I had a particularly fun time with these. Some were experiments in technique, others were just me playing with a few concepts, some of which were influenced by what I happened to be reading or watching at the time.
On a personal note, I've been looking at Barron Storey's journals for some inspiration. He came down to Memphis College of Art some time years ago and shared his sketchbooks with a captivated audience, an experience that left a lasting impression on me. In an interview, he mentioned how those journals were vital for him during periods of isolation and introspection. That said, Barron was going through some serious stuff; my occasional rounds of short term solitude and the resulting lonely lil' hearts are certainly light by comparison. The point of my tangent, however, is that Storey's journals remind me of what a sketchbook could be, and that the process of drawing can be a vehicle for both ideation and emotional respite.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Daily Gouache 6/20-7/9

I've been away from the blog for way too long, embarrassingly so. The Daily Gouache project became the background noise to moving, a lot of teaching, and a sudden influx of freelance work (which is always good). That said, this project is certainly not dead, and here's the backlog from the past two weeks.

NOTE: I've excluded the work from 6/25-6/29 and 7/5, as it's being used for assignments that are pending publication. I'll definitely post them later.