Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Daily Gouache Giveaway Winner: Kayla Cline!

The winner of the Daily Gouache Giveaway is the ink-slinging corgi enthusiast Kayla Cline!
Speaking of Daily Gouache, I've been working on a super cool project this week that involves A LOT of gouache paintings. Non-disclosures are keeping me from posting them now, but in the next week I'll have a big process/catchup post :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Daily Gouache 63 Day Anniversary/ Gouache Sale/ Gouache Giveaway

Hey guys! I just did the count today and found out that the Daily Gouache Project is 63 days strong! That means there's a little gouache painting for 63 days of the calender year! To celebrate the roughly two month anniversary, I'm offering you guys the chance to receive a free 6"x6" gouache painting of anything you want! ANYTHING! Just send me an email at by June 26th with your suggestion for what you think I should paint for a one of my project pieces. The winner will be announced the following Monday with the finished piece posted that Wednesday.

I am having a sale of some of my pieces from the collection thus far. I'm going to be moving soon and this kind of project tends to create a healthy backlog of artwork. As much as I would like to hold on to all of these pieces, I'd rather they were appreciated by someone who likes them. Plus, moving is expensive (you'd REALLY be helping me out)!
A lot of them fall under the dimensions of 8"x10", which run at $80, and 6"x6" which will go at $60. There are some odd pieces that will be priced differently, but we're talking MAJOR DISCOUNTS for original art here. Here's a list of what's up for sale:

Wrong Side of the Street, 6"x 6" ($70)
Wakka Wakka, 6"x 6" ($20)
Boys Room, 6"x 6" ($20)
Leftover Paint Lady, 6"x 6" ($60)
Super Dawn of Man Fighter 2001, 6"x 12" ($70)
Where are My Teef?, 6"x 6" ($40)
Do the Dog, 6"x 6" (SOLD)
Funky Chickens, 6"x 6" ($60)
Penguins, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady 2, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady 3, 5.5"x8" (SOLD)
Lucha Lady 4, 5.5"x 8" (SOLD)
Red in the Face, 5.5"x 8" ($70)
Coat, 6"x 6" ($40)
Scarf, 4.5"x 8" (SOLD)
Doom, 6"x 6" ($60)
Doomette, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady Pin-up, 9"x 15" ($110)
Football Pic, 8"x 10" ($80)
BOOOM!, 8"x 10" ($80)
Pig-Out, 8"x 10" (SOLD)
Bathroom, 8"x 10" ($40)
Elephant, 9"x 12" (SOLD)
Samus, 8"x 10" (SOLD)
Pearce, 7"x 9" ($40)
Hanna Poster, 8"x 10" ($40)
Step Right Up, 3.75"x 5.75" ($20)

The cost for each includes $2 shipping and handling ($5 international). Email me for more ordering information.

Thanks a ton, guys!

Daily Gouache 6/12- 6/19

I've been teaching drawing and comics classes for the past week, and there are still three more weeks of that ahead of me, so the blogging may be taking a bit of a back seat. That said, here's a big catch-up post to show that gouache paintings are still coming along.

The image above was a Father's Day present. Here it is sitting in its rightful place amongst my dad's snapshots and counter ephemera.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daily Gouache 6/5-6/11

DISCLAIMER: Some of the images at the end of this post may offend or disturb you, causing deep emotional distress. Please view at your own discretion.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily Gouache 5/31-6/4

The last one was for May 30th, which, for some reason or another, completely escaped me.