Monday, June 20, 2011

The Daily Gouache 63 Day Anniversary/ Gouache Sale/ Gouache Giveaway

Hey guys! I just did the count today and found out that the Daily Gouache Project is 63 days strong! That means there's a little gouache painting for 63 days of the calender year! To celebrate the roughly two month anniversary, I'm offering you guys the chance to receive a free 6"x6" gouache painting of anything you want! ANYTHING! Just send me an email at by June 26th with your suggestion for what you think I should paint for a one of my project pieces. The winner will be announced the following Monday with the finished piece posted that Wednesday.

I am having a sale of some of my pieces from the collection thus far. I'm going to be moving soon and this kind of project tends to create a healthy backlog of artwork. As much as I would like to hold on to all of these pieces, I'd rather they were appreciated by someone who likes them. Plus, moving is expensive (you'd REALLY be helping me out)!
A lot of them fall under the dimensions of 8"x10", which run at $80, and 6"x6" which will go at $60. There are some odd pieces that will be priced differently, but we're talking MAJOR DISCOUNTS for original art here. Here's a list of what's up for sale:

Wrong Side of the Street, 6"x 6" ($70)
Wakka Wakka, 6"x 6" ($20)
Boys Room, 6"x 6" ($20)
Leftover Paint Lady, 6"x 6" ($60)
Super Dawn of Man Fighter 2001, 6"x 12" ($70)
Where are My Teef?, 6"x 6" ($40)
Do the Dog, 6"x 6" (SOLD)
Funky Chickens, 6"x 6" ($60)
Penguins, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady 2, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady 3, 5.5"x8" (SOLD)
Lucha Lady 4, 5.5"x 8" (SOLD)
Red in the Face, 5.5"x 8" ($70)
Coat, 6"x 6" ($40)
Scarf, 4.5"x 8" (SOLD)
Doom, 6"x 6" ($60)
Doomette, 6"x 6" ($60)
Lucha Lady Pin-up, 9"x 15" ($110)
Football Pic, 8"x 10" ($80)
BOOOM!, 8"x 10" ($80)
Pig-Out, 8"x 10" (SOLD)
Bathroom, 8"x 10" ($40)
Elephant, 9"x 12" (SOLD)
Samus, 8"x 10" (SOLD)
Pearce, 7"x 9" ($40)
Hanna Poster, 8"x 10" ($40)
Step Right Up, 3.75"x 5.75" ($20)

The cost for each includes $2 shipping and handling ($5 international). Email me for more ordering information.

Thanks a ton, guys!


Lighthouse Pilot said...

I'll take scarf!!

Elliot Boyette said...

I need to talk to you about samus.