Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monster of Ceremonies

These are two pieces that will be included in the "Sivads of March" group show at Adam Shaw's studio on Broad Street. It's a tribute to Watson Davis aka Sivad, the host of "Fantastic Features", a weekly program of horror movies that aired during the 60s and 70s on WHBQ-TV. These were a lot of fun to do and I'm excited to see what other people have done for the exhibition. The opening will be Friday, March 26, so you'll have time to make the appropriate arrangements.


Aiyanna said...

hey this is yo lil sis sayin hi and i really love your drawings of monsters

Derrick Dent said...

HA! Look at you! Leaving messages on my blog like you're tech saavy :) Thanks! Drop a line more often so I can feel like I see you more.