Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Travel Fundraiser!

Whenever the opportunity arises, I love to travel. Unfortunately, the funds for doing so aren't always there, due to everyday expenses, monthly expenses, and pretty much expenses in general. This is where you come in.
Here's the deal:
I have these nifty 5.5"x7.5" blank sketchcards.

I'll draw ANYTHING YOU WANT on one. And you can totally keep it for $10. Ten U.S. dollars. Very good deal for original art from, well... anybody. Just email me your request to me@derrickdent.com, and click on the image below to send your payment through Paypal (it'll be a secure transaction, I swear!). Once I get confirmation of your payment with your request, I will toil away on your drawing. If you're in the Memphis area, you can meet up with me Saturday (the 14th) @ Otherlands at about 6ish to pick up your drawing, or if you're from Not Memphis, let me know about having it shipped to you. We'll work something out.


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