Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 8-Hour Attempt at the 24 Hour Comic Challenge

I had no idea the challenge was even happening at MCA until a few hours prior, which is good- There's less temptation (or time for that matter) to preemptively plan out a comic. I couldn't stay for the entire thing because of work and other engagements, but here's what I have to show for my time.

This is the first page. I scanned it in color to show the non-photo blue pencilling done before the inking. I drew out and lettered all four pages before getting to the inks, which took about an hour per page.

Here are the finished pages, finished after four more red-eyed hours.


Marie Provence said...

I'm still laughing.

Marie said...

Hahahah!!! Oh my god that's rich.