Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Pitchin' My Wares!

This is kind of last minute advertising, but for those who may be browsing the web at odd hours or checking first thing in the morning, here's an itemized list of what I will be selling at the Cooper Young Festival this Saturday, and afterward (depending on availability):

Limited Edition Prints ($15 each)

Minis! ($5 each, custom cover drawn upon purchase)

Sketch card commissions ($15 for 6"x8" cards/ $7 for 3"x4" cards)

Original artwork (best offer, minimum $30)

If you're going to be at the festival, stop by the Rozelle Artists Guild booth (A70) between Evelyn and Nelson. We'll appreciate your company and your patronage.

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Gavin said...

Holy shit. Derrick. These are great man.