Monday, November 21, 2011

A piece for Chatterbox Theater's Halloween program. It was based on the show's second act, which explored the dynamic between a man and his werewolf wife.

For Ten Paces and Draw's Fan Art theme. This was the finish I came up with, based on Sarah Stroub's sketch of a Jack Skellington/Mickey Mouse hybrid. Here's Mika Nakano's drawing of my sketch.

Some Yardbird fan art. I was trying out a process that's not too dissimilar from one that I saw on Cam Floyd's illustration blog.

Some black and white gouache demos for my buddy John's Illustration 1 class. The top drawing was an example of working from a mid tone and painting in lighter & darker values, and the bottom one an example of building up darker tones while using the white of the page for light values. 

Finally, I've been playing around with making actual art objects, you know, things that have an x,y, AND z dimension. I took some small graphite drawings, mounted them on some small blocks and painted them to all hell with acrylic. There was a lot of matte medium involved. 

I'll be finding more ways to apply this technique, and perhaps a process post is in order? We'll see soon enough.


Vincent Nappi said...

look at you and your multi-dimensional art!

I like the work in this post, Derrick! nice stuff.

Derrick Dent said...

Thanks bud! I'm excited about actually making things, so we'll see where this impulse takes me.