Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Science in Disguise

If you're not familiar with the news, Tennessee conservatives are pushing to pass HB 368, a bill that if made into effective law, will require public schools to include intelligent design as part of the science curriculum.
Intelligent design is based around the idea that there are complexities in nature that could never occur by chance, only by intention- through the conscious effort of an omnipotent designer.
Proponents of the bill argue that intelligent design is a valid scientific theory, one that should be taught alongside Darwin's well-established (and accepted) theory of evolution. Opponents, particularly those in the scientific community, see the "alternate teaching" as science in disguise, merely a thin veil for creationism. HB 368 is still pending approval from the Senate.


michelle said...

Being retro is so fashionable, even our legislature is doing it.

Love the lab coat christian illo!

Derrick Dent said...

Thanks Michelle! Yeah, I feel like I should horde any material on prehistoric life, climate patterns, and Darwin before the state-sanctioned book burning begins. Hopefully this bill gets snipped in the Senate.