Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mashup in Progress

National Geographic, outside of having a wealth of eye candy, is also good for pulling random subject matter when the mind occasionally goes blank. I've been toiling away at this gouache painting for a couple of sittings, and it's getting close to "finished" status. It's hard to say because the painting is completely improv, but I have some other stuff to get to, so it may have to come to a close soon.


Carrie Rumer said...

I freaking love Nat Geo, and this is pretty sweeeeet. :)

Alla Bartoshchuk said...

wow!!! very nice!
how big is it?

Alla Bartoshchuk said...
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Derrick Dent said...

Thanks Alla! This painting was actually about 9"x12". Since I don't have a lot of work space, small works have been my thing for some time.

DaKoda Davis said...

I really enjoy this piece Derrick!
The colors work really well to the activity going on! Can't wait to see more!

Hope you are Well!