Monday, September 1, 2008

Almost Done!

So, it's a bit more than a week until the "Septimus" show on the 12th, and I'm finished with all of my smaller drawings for my "Yokai!" series. All that's left is a larger drawing that I am refusing to post until well after opening night. If you wanna see before then (and you're in Memphis), then I suggest coming to see it in person, along with some really awesome work from my MCA and Bluff City colleagues.

The group show will have its opening reception September 12th @ Midtown Galleries at 2232 Central Ave., from 6-9pm. Come down! Bring friends!


Jessica Eves said...

Hey Derrick, These are wonderful. I'm sorryI can't come and see them, but you know if i were there i would totally come. These are going to look great up together. Keep up the good work man!

Derrick said...

Thanks Jess! I'm really excited about this show and I appreciate the props!

Billy Welch said...

I think these need to be a book? I can't wait to see more. About Fecal Face you should spend a few moments checking out this blog. It is a blog based out of San Fran, so much art stuff your brain may explode. Here is a link:
They have free fridays where you could submit work and win free stuff like books and shirts, skateboard wheels etc.